Plastic magnetic label frame


  • product intended for marking shelves, racks, pallets, containers

  • the magnetic tape enables a solid application to magnetic surfaces

  • possibility of multiple use

  • the labels are easily inserted into the folds of the pocket

  • made of anti-reflective PVC foil with a thickness of 0.5mm which protects the label against damage

  • various formats

  • fold on the long or short side

We offer the product in several formats, and on request, we can make a pocket to an individual size.

Single sided use.

Plastic magnetic label frame features:

  • material: anti-reflective PVC film
  • thickness: 0.5mm
  • mounting: magnetic
  • color: colorless
  • width: from 40 to 320 mm
  • height: from. 30 to 70 mm
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