Curved aluminium wall sign holder


Good signage inside the building is very important because it helps in the efficient and quick movement of customers or visitors. It also influences how we perceive a given company or institution. You can even say that when they see you, that’s how they write you, which means that the aesthetics and style of a given building are important. To achieve this, we can invest in various types of products intended for marking and visual identification in buildings, offices, rooms and halls.

At this point, we can offer you our convex, aluminum information plates. Thanks to their modern appearance, they give the place an aesthetic character. It is our basic product for indoor identification.

Construction of a curved aluminium wall sign holder

The curved aluminium sign holder has a simple but functional structure. With its help, we can present information in various formats. Its arched shape results from the construction of an anodized aluminum profile. Information exchange is easy and fast. After the protective foil has been bent up, the prepared label is inserted into the profile slots and blocked with a PVC form. Importantly, we do not have to remove the plate to replace the card. Side plugs are made of plastic and are gray, black or blue.

Exchange of a card, printout on a curved door plate
Exchange of a card, printout on a curved door plate

Curved aluminium wall sign holder – application

We can mount this sign holder on doors, walls, glass, tiles or any other suitable flat surface. The convex plates we sell come in two configurations, namely: in the version for screwing or gluing. The screw-on model is equipped with mounting holes and screws with dowels, while the gluing option is equipped with a strong, double-sided adhesive tape. Depending on the needs, the plate can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The insert placed inside the plate can be printed, even on a regular sheet of paper.

The purpose of this curved door holder medium is manifold. In offices or offices, it is most often used as information about what is behind the door, what people work there and in what positions, whether there is a director’s office, secretariat, accounting, civic or environmental department, etc. This product can also act as a kind of signpost that directs you to a specific place. Finally, we can put any printed document with specific content there. In addition to the standard A4 and A5 formats, we can send these plates in other sizes. If you are interested in a different dimension, please contact us, we will then make an individual valuation.

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