Acrylic sign holders – wall mounted, counter standing, floor standing

We have an extensive set of Plexiglass products as one of the most sought after promotional products, especially with a small design. Among them are Plexiglass menu stands, Plexiglass leaflet holders, Plexiglass business card holders, Plexiglass shoe holders, Plexiglass displays and Plexiglass containers.

Plexiglass products are very popular due to the characteristics of the material. It is a plastic material also called acrylic glass or Plexiglas, widely used for the production of marketing media and accessories. Plexiglas is characterized by high transparency in visible light. Together with the high density of the material and its resistance to temperature, Plexiglas products cannot be easily damaged or deformed. Therefore, all kinds of advertising products made of Plexiglass retain above-average durability and strength, and thus are sought-after goods on the marketing market.

In the category of “Plexiglas displays, stands and stands” we have compiled popular Plexiglas advertising products for you. You will find here stands for leaflets, menus and business cards, aesthetic displays for leaflets, containers for documents and shoe holders. What is important, all products come from proven and reliable manufacturers.


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