Freestanding poster display wall on the hinges (A1, A0, B2, B1, B0)


A freestanding poster display wall is primarily used to present posters, information or photographs at various types of events, exhibitions and cultural events. Such walls can often be seen in museums, libraries, art galleries, theaters, schools, cultural institutions and fairs.

Flexible walls constitute a professional exhibition and display system. The modules are connected to each other using hinges, which allows the wall to be positioned at any angle. This is of great importance when we have limited and irregular space that we want to use as much as possible. Exhibition walls are a good solution when we need to present a larger number of posters and other materials, and we need more displays.

Standard formats are A1, A0, B2, B1 and B0. These dimensions refer to the size of the insert that will fit in the snapboard. The poster exhibition wall is made of aluminum profiles, anodized in matt silver. Its basis are panels (modules) on the legs using snap frames boards. The number of panels ranges from three to four, but on request we can quote a wall composed of several modules, thus enabling its expansion.

The internal poster wall is available in a single-sided and double-sided version, which allows you to fully use this advertising medium. The boards were mounted vertically. Our exhibition walls are characterized by stability and solid workmanship. The equipment includes height-adjustable feet, which are used to level the wall in case of uneven floors. Place the wall indoors on a stable surface.



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